Why Choose SIKI

Qualified Teachers

All teachers who teach in Siki Bali is a university graduate from recognized universities in Bali and currently continuing their studies at postgraduate for master degree.

A place for studying Indonesian language and Balinese culture

Learning language will become more interesting along with the introduction of arts and culture of the language being learned.

The studying materials is adjusted along with the student’s need

Language learning will become more focus and faster if the student has a plan or learning target.

Our Program

Siki Bali Foundation has 2 course programs that you can choose.

Siki course programs created based on unique needs of students. With flexible time, place and study material, student have the freedom to choose when, where and what to study that suit their learning style or target.

Learn More

Private Classes at SIKI

Let's learn while hanging out with the local people in SIKI BALI.

  • 1 Session 110 mins (Break 10mins)
  • Flexible Time
  • Trial lesson Rp.100,000

In-house Training Classes

Learn according to your profession.

  • Studying material is in line with the profession
  • Flexible Time
  • Learn in workplace



July 23, 2015

Need English Teacher, please send CV to info@siki-bali.com

July 7, 2015

SIKI English Website Launch on 6 July 2015. Enjoy ~

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us.
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