Establishment History of SIKI BALI Foundation

Language as a communication tool has a very important role in this modern era. With so many attention and interest in language and also to meet these challenges, SIKI BALI foundation is ready to accommodate you who want to learn and have the ability to speak Japanese and English. In addition, we also provide programs for expatriates who want to learn Indonesian.

SIKI BALI Foundation is established in June 2004 by a Denpasar government decree dated 16 August 2004 number: 421.8/1395/Dikbud. With Japanese native speakers and experienced local teachers, we will do our best to make the students able to speak Japanese, English and Indonesian properly.


Making the learners have special expertise in mastering foreign languages so that this knowledge can be implemented in the workfield and education, as well as having a high use value.


  • To align the quality of education with the needs in the workplace in order to provide a professional, competent, faithful, and devoted personnel.
  • To improve the performance of educators and education so that it can provide the knowledge and superior service to learners.

The Aims

  • To produce graduates who are skilled and ready to work in the business and industrial world by having the knowledge in foreign language acquisition.
  • To provide education service and skills needed by school age society and the public.
  • To provide a complete infrastructure that supports a gradual learning process.
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